Scroll animations

In the Quark the­me we have imple­men­ted the ani­ma­ti­on engi­ne based on the scrollReveal.js script. This script crea­tes ele­ments scroll ani­ma­ti­ons in a very simp­le way.

Thanks to this script you can descri­be an ani­ma­ti­on using a lan­guage very simi­lar to natu­ral.

Descrip­ti­on of the ani­ma­ti­on is pla­ced in the data-scroll-reveal attri­bu­te:

<!-- These 2 lines are equivalent -->
<p data-sr="enter top and move 25px"> foo </p>
<p data-sr="enter from the top and then move 25px"> foo </p>

The full descrip­ti­on of the syn­tax is avail­ab­le on the pro­ject docu­men­ta­ti­on page.